Our Current Priest:

Fr. Noby Thomas was born on January 25, 1975 and ordained a priest of the Diocese of Palai, Kerala, India on January 1, 2001.

India is a multi-religious country. 80% are Hindus. Islam is the second most prevalent religion (15%), while Christianity is the third most dominant religion in the country (3%). Most of the Christians live in the south western coast of the country, Kerala. Christianity was brought into the country by St. Thomas, the apostle. He preached the gospel in Kerala, India – reaching the coast of the state in the first century. Based on his influence, Christians of the state of Kerala are also called St. Thomas Christians. 20% of Kerala’s population are Christians.

Fr. Noby has earned the following degrees: Bachelor of Philosophy and Bachelor of Theology from St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Aluva, Kerala, India and Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from Mahatma Gandhi University, Athirampuzha, Kerala, India.

From 2001-2021, Fr. Noby served as associate pastor and pastor in different parishes in the Diocese of Palai. He came to know about the Diocese of Baker during one of his visits to the USA in 2018, and he has served in the Diocese of Baker since April 2021. 

His recreational interests are hiking, boating, fishing and sightseeing. He loves basketball and swimming. He loves cooking, the company of people, talking and dining with them.

Priests of Our Lady of the Valley:

Rev. Francis Hartlieb, 1880-1885

Rev. Msgr. Peter DeRoo, 1885

Rev. J. F. Quinn, 1886

Rev. B. G. Ahne, 1887

Rev. J. F. Brouillard, 1888-1895

Rev. Anthony Moore, 1895-1901

Rev. Przybylski, 1901-1903

Rev. H. D. Gartland, 1903-1904

Rev. M. J. Whyte, 1904-1909

Rev. Mattheus A. Aalders, 1909-1911

Rev. John Kerr, 1911

Rev. Patrick J. Driscoll, 1911-1920

Rev. August Loeser, 1920

Rev. Otto Nooy, 1923-1934

Rev. Thomas Brady, 1934-1936

Rev. Michael Mahon, 1936

Rev. Dennis Sheedy, 1939

Rev. Thomas Moore, 1939-1943

Rev. John Phelan, 1943-1945

Rev. John Baumgartner, 1945

Rev. Patrick Stack, 1945-1947

Rev. Joseph Hayes, 1947-1950 & 1967

Rev. Patrick Lunham, 1950-1951

Rev. Michael Brennan, 1951-1952

Rev. John McCarthy, 1952-1954

Rev. John Stupfel, 1954

Rev. John O’Connor, 1954 & 1957

Rev. George Murphy, 1957 & 1972

Rev. John Curran, 1956 & 1961

Rev. Cletus Kirkpatrick, 1956

Rev. Msgr. Matthew Crotty, 1957

Rev. David Hazen, 1957

Rev. Leo Weckerle, 1958 & 1959

Rev. Austin Cribbin, 1958 & 1959

Rev. Charles Driesbach, 1959, 1961 & 1967

Rev. Benjamin Kiernan, 1962

Rev. Elden Curtiss, 1959 & 1965

Rev. Eugene Van Beveren, 1964

Rev. Patrick Gaire, 1964

Rev. Bernard Keating, 1964

Rev. Aloysious Miller, 1946 & 1971

Rev. Charles Lavin, 1965

Rev. Dennis Holmes, 1973

Rev. James Noel, 1973-1975

Rev. Richard Fischer, 1976-1979, 2015-2016

Rev. John Murphy, 1976

Rev. Martin Quigley, 1977

Rev. Henry (Harry) Beegen, 1978

Rev. Brian McGovern, 1979

Rev. Timothy Mockaitis, 1980

Rev. Joseph Kelbel, 1983-1985

Rev. Dominic Hahn, 1985

Rev. Carl Gillen, 1987

Rev. Jocelyn St. Arnaud, 1987

Rev. Francisco Vallejos, 1988

Rev. Louis Henry (Hank) Albrecht, 1988-2008

Rev. Pirmin Ngolle, 2001

Rev. Peter John Auer, 2005

Rev. Remigius Nwabichie, 2005

Rev. Christopher Agoha, 2007-2014

Rev. Augustine Okwuzu, 2008-2009

Rev. Francis Obijekwu, 2008-2009

Rev. Daniel Ochiabuto, 2010-2011

Rev. Gabriel Ezeh, 2010-2012

Rev. Anil Kumar Marri, 2013-2015

Rev. Stephen Abraham Manthuruthil, SDB, 2014-2015

Very Rev. Saji K. Thomas, CMI, 2015-2022

Rev. Noby Thomas, 2022-present