We are happy that you are looking into attending our church during this exciting phase of your life – a time of self-discovery, formation, and increased freedom. What if you used that freedom to invest in your relationship with God, intentionally placing him at the core of your days?

Come join us at our Young Adult Group. We invite all college students, and young adults who either aren’t in college or have already graduated from college. We usually meet once a week during the school year and learn about Catholicism and how to defend our faith so we can share it with those around us in a loving and nurturing fashion as St. Peter instructs (1 Peter 3:15-16). Can you defend the Catholic beliefs on the Eucharist, the pope, baptism, Mary, purgatory, the existence of our Triune God? Come learn how to defend these and more. Find out why Catholicism is based on faith and logic.

Check the bulletin for meeting dates. We will meet at the church at 7 pm. A home cooked meal will be provided by Angie Reynolds. Please contact Brian Reynolds at 541-962-5062 if you have questions. Feel free to just show up and you can look forward to fellowship and laughing while we learn more about our Catholic faith.